2018 Launch Sessions

Mon, September 10, 2018, 9am

Intensive series of workshops that kick off the new year, that highlight the values we believe are key to design in the 21st Century: adaptability, criticality, relevancy, and experimentation.

Over this 3-week period, students engage with different ideas and ways of working as a form of introduction – or re-introduction – to the community and culture of the MDP. We have invited a range of inspiring faculty and practitioners – many of them from among our current faculty – to lead brief workshops on topics of their choosing. With most of the workshops running for 6-hours each, the intention is less about acquiring comprehensive knowledge about a subject or skill than it is about becoming comfortable with jumping into new contexts and trying new techniques.

Tim Durfee, principal of Tim Durfee Studio and core faculty in MDP
Byron Merritt, Global Vice President of Retail Innovation at Nike
Yuri Suzuki, sound artist, designer and electronic musician

Casey Anderson - Slices
Elizabeth Chin - Working with People
Jeremiah Chiu - Experimental Alphabets
Sean Donahue - Platforms
Tim Durfee - So Many Ghosts: Augmented Everything
Claire Evans - Polyphonoptic City: Reimagining the Triforium
Umi Hsu - Notating Acoustic Territory
Ronni Kimm - World Building in a Day
Jesse Kriss - Small Scale Tech: Against Inevitability
Mike Manalo - Myriad Databases for Citymaking
Justine Parish - Sewing Lab Workshop
Kate Parsons - Brakhage Patina Videos
Jenny Rodenhouse - Screen Time
Richard Wheeler - Teaching and Instruction as a Research Tool and a Research Product
Phil van Allen - Coding for Design + Critical Prototyping
Mimi Zeiger - How to Write about Stuff

Poster Design: Matt Adams

Wind Tunnel Gallery

South Campus,
950 S Raymond Ave,
Pasadena, CA 91105

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