December 11, 2020

Massive multiplayer online games have offered us a resemblance of public space during the pandemic. Unexpected interactions with strangers and impromptu events counter our scheduled video calls and curated follower/following lists. As populations rise within these digital worlds, how can we as artists and designers learn from these very real communities and design for these very fantastical places?

Media Design Practices presents 19 critical world views that take shape as — public services, talk shows, plug-ins, game competitions, reality shows, shopping channels, horror-calm plays, NPC documentaries, firework celebrations, mourning parties, sequels, digital cleansings, military tours, picnics, and piano serenades — by Yue Cao, Isabelle Chaligné,  Jeremy Chen, Zhujia Dong, Yuanyuan Gong, Jingwei Gu, Nanyi Jiang,  NaYoung Kwon, Kate Ladenheim, Zhuoyu Li, Melody Ling, Fuyao Liu, Tao Liu, Elaine Purnama, Qi Tan, Christie Wu, Shiny Shuan-Yi Wu, Jou Yu.

Please join us for a live stream exhibition of student work!

Live Stream Exhibition of design work by Graduate Media Design Practices students
Monday, December 14th, 6-9pm PST
ArtCenter Media Design Practice’s Twitch Channel:
Concept Studio 2 with ft-faculty Jenny Rodenhouse and Sean Donahue