Technology Literacy in the Making Lab

September 28, 2020

Making Lab Workshops in MDP promotes diverse technology literacy to artists and designers whose disciplines and backgrounds contrast. It showcases a range of approaches around technology with an emphasis on experimentation, agility, self-learning, and risk taking. Technology is not a one-size fits all form or method, each artist and designer will need to be curious to challenge themselves with new ways of communicating.

The Making Lab is a 2,000 sqft studio located in the Wind Tunnel Studio that consists of a Classroom, Sensor Library, Laser Cutter, High-End Mac and PC Computing Stations, AR/VR playspace with HTC Vives and Microsoft Hololens, MAKEiT Pro-L 3D Printer, Othermill Desktop CNC Machine, Equipment Room, Tool Crib, Table-top Bandsaw and Sander, 44″ Large-format Photo Plotter, and Photo/Video Gear.

Both the Hillside and South campuses have wood and metal shops, color materials lab, Sewing Lab, computer labs, rapid-prototyping equipment, printing labs, and tech support available for all MDP students to use (see the ArtCenter site for more information on how to access). These labs are opportunities for students around campus to assist in research, education, and production of your work.