Made Up: Design’s Fictions

EDITOR: Time Durfee

At a time when “fake news” is part of our daily cultural lexicon, Made Up: Design’s Fictions explores lies, fantasies, and other un-real scenarios as tools of design. Through essays, interviews, and narratives by Bruce Sterling, Fiona Raby, Sam Jacob and other significant voices in the field, this volume questions the initial discourses around “design fiction”—a broad category of critical design that includes overlapping interests in science fiction, world building, speculation, and futuring. Made Up: Design’s Fictions advances contemporary analysis and enactment of narrative and speculation as an important part of practice today.

Julian Bleecker
Benjamin H. Bratton
Anne Burdick
Emmet Byrne
Stuart Candy
Fiona Raby
Tim Durfee
Sam Jacob
Norman M. Klein
Peter Lunenfeld
Geoff Manaugh
Tom Marble
China Miéville
Keith Mitnick
Susanna Schouweiler
Bruce Sterling
Mimi Zeiger

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