Working Groups

Working Groups are a research initiative. These are thinking-and-doing spaces which nurture and introduce emergent topics that are an essential part of MDP’s approach.

Each Working Group concentrates on a specific topic, project, interest and comprises of a series of scheduled meetups spread across the academic year which are open to all students. They are led by faculty and include outside guests to the MDP. The groups are a mechanism for generating a variety of experimental extra-curricular events that take place in the program such as symposia, exhibitions, projects and publications.

Mashed, Meme’d, Mixed, and Mulched
Led by Mimi Zeiger (MDP PT-Faculty).

Fresh Briefs
Led by Tim Durfee (MDP Core Faculty).

Machining Civics
Led by Michael Manalo (MDP PT-Faculty).

(Re)Defining A.I.
Led by Colleen Estrada (Director of Design | Office, Microsoft) and Phil van Allen (MDP Core Faculty).

Wobbly Realities
Led by Jenny Rodenhouse (IxD Faculty and Director, ArtCenter Immersion Lab) and Ben Hooker (MDP Core Faculty).

Different Tomorrows
Led by Wendy S. Walters (Associate Dean, Art and Design History and Theory at Parsons School of Design) and Sean Donahue (MDP Core Faculty).