Wind Tunnel Gallery

The MDP Studio is a 11,000 square foot dedicated facility for our MDP students. You will have year round 24/7 key carded access to the Studio, Classrooms, Making Lab, Gallery, Fabrication Spaces, Equipment Check-out, and MAC/PC computer stations. Each student receives a studio space that includes a desk, a chair, and a bookshelf.

MDP provides high performance Mac and PC desktop workstations with large displays. These shared systems provide the power necessary for VR/AR, Machine Learning, HD video editing, 3D modeling, larger files, and any work that requires large-screen capability. The studio also has a 44” print plotter for poster to wallpaper scale prints as well as color and black+white laser printers to make the MDP Studio a true working studio.

Studio culture is an essential component of graduate education. At least a third of your education comes from working side-by-side with your classmates, discussing projects, critiquing work as you go along, learning from their mistakes, learning by their example.

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