That Moment When… 

Melody Ling and Jeremy Chen

Dev Studio 4

This project brief explores two threads. The first is the use of “technology” to create, foster, enable and facilitate interaction. The second is the exchanges that result from or are instigated by these productions—engagements, happenings, provocations, experiences. These two threads are commingled to offer new models for understanding and more importantly exploring interaction through making/prototyping.

During Zoom group meeting, everyone is always face-to-face with each other within a short distance, and it is really tense and unnatural.

The Zoom Group Meeting Booth is a space and an experience I designed for a participant in a large group meeting. It uses technologies of screens and projection, projecting main speaker’s front view in a large scale in front of the participant, while placing all the other participants’ side profiles on the two sides of the participant.

By proposing this new interaction of Zoom group meeting, I want to suppress the feelings of anxiety and digital distraction we are experiencing in Zoom these days by re-imagining Zoom spaces, using some extent of physicality to transfer organic and natural spatial qualities from real-life talks into online settings. At the same time, I want to relieve digital noises, making the conversation itself emphasized.


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