The Seduction of Intimate Machines

Maya Friedman

Critical Worldviews 2

This Essay analyzes why the intimate relationship we have with our devices has reprogrammed arousal.

“The intimacy designed by way of frictionless design has led to a reprogramming ef what turns us on and has driven, in part, the projection of sexual desire onto our devices. We operate these tools without conscious thought as if [they I were a part of our bodies. The pleasurable tap and swipe or the slow drift-<1[-to-sleep cuddling our laptop has left many of us comfortably numb to how intimate our these experiences really are.”

Personal Computers are the Newest Equipment Used in BDSM
The Pleasure War in Technology Design
First Comes Intimacy, Then Comes Pleasure
The Device Caress
A Demanding Lover
Mistress Harley Has Consent to Surveil

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