A Non-Euclidian Geography of Water: Mojave Desert as Case Study

Nicholaus Bauch

This small exhibit marks the beginning of a historical-geographical study of water springs in the eastern Mojave Desert. I embed 3×5-inch video screens in large format color photographic prints, which serve as conceptual prototypes for exploring what Johanna Drucker might call the “graphesis” of doing historical geography.

Cartography is the dominant graphic form for spatially-minded research, and yet while mapping is often employed to great effect, it is also at odds with late-twentieth-century theorizations of space that point toward the ubiquity and phenomenology of non-Euclidian spaces. We live in many spaces at once, spanning times and ontologies, but seeing these spaces in graphic form is mired by the habit of the cartographic plot. How might the combined (geo)graphic forms of photo and video help us imagine a structure of spatial representation that is truer to how critical geographers believe spaces behave?

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