Little Data Wranglers

Little Data Wranglers

Lead Researcher: Phil Van Allen

Project Type: Faculty Researcher

Year: 2014

In doing creative work (design, writing, planning, etc.), people utilize a wide range of materials, processes, references and collaborators to investigate, inspire, develop and refine their ideas and making. What if the creative person could alter this approach with a personally curated collection of digital provocateurs, researchers, critics, and assistants? How would this change the creative process? What is the behavior of these digital wranglers, how do they work with people, and how to they interact with each other? How are the wranglers influenced by their people? How can the aesthetics of the interactions best fit in with, or productively disrupt the creative process?

Little Data Wranglers is an investigation of the potentials of working with a heterogeneous ecology of animistic devices and systems in the creative process. The project will build working sketches in hardware/software to identify promising design directions, and provoke further research questions. The team will identify a series of issues and design experiments, and then implement and test prototypes over the period of the project.

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