Media Design Practices (MDP) is an interdisciplinary design MFA preparing designers to question, innovate and lead through Design, Criticality, and Creative Technology. Our world, in constant change: technological transformations, global inequity, and environmental uncertainty, demands new design practices. Designers today must be daring, critical, and engaged.

With award winning pedagogy, experimental making and an acclaimed community of faculty, alums and practitioners, you will shape your design practice to envision new futures and alternate views of the present. Join our MFA program to develop and create in immersive technologies like AR/VR + AI Machine Learning, low resolution to high resolution prototyping, a focus on people, new modes of storytelling, installation and research methodologies.

Spaces + Facilities

MDP is in a 15,000 sqft former super sonic wind tunnel. Our students have access to a wide variety of fabrication shops to high end labs of emerging technonlogy.

News + Events

MDP is a pivot point for designers, architects, writers, and more to engage in topics around the future of design.


THESIS LIVE!  – post-digital dying, AI agency, EQ auto-complete, YouTube regalia, reuse redux, rental redux, domestic system sounds, the self-identity-selfie, AR in VR in IRL, feral feeds, AR urbanism, avatar companions, and smarthome shamans.