Making Lab

Regardless of what kinds of projects students make computers and electronics are integral to the way in which we work today. Access to code, DIY electronics, and production quality table-top machines are an everyday normality. Access is one thing, designing and communicating through these forms and methods is another. The Making Lab’s emphasis is around connecting student and faculty ideas/projects to programming, small-scale electronics, and rapid prototyping.

The Making Lab is a 1,000 sqft studio located in the MDP Studio that consists of a Classroom, Sensor Library, South Campus Laser Cutter, MAKEiT Pro-L 3D Printer, Othermill Desktop CNC Machine, Equipment Room, Tool Crib, Table-top Bandsaw and Sander, High-End Computing Stations, 44″ Large-format Photo Plotter, and Photo/Video Gear.

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