AMASS Thesis Review

Wed, October 27, 2021, 9am

For the first review of the year, Thesis students are asked to AMASS the significant moments, issues, references that are advancing their design projects. Students installed work in the Wind Tunnel Gallery. The MDP community used online materials and comment documents to engage the work prior to the event. This blended model allowed multiple voices and points of reference to be heard. The review will challenge them to articulate the questions driving/emerging from their design and technology work so far.

Berna Onat
Elaine Purnama
Fuyao Liu
Iris Yuanyuan Gong
Isabelle Chaligne
Jeremy Yijie Chen
Jingwei Gu
Jooga Zhujia Dong
Jou Jiahui Yu
Kathleen Ladenheim
Kuan Chih Christie Wu
Mavis Yue Cao
Melody Ziru Ling
Ray Rui Cao
Qi Tan
Shiny Shuan-Yi Wu

Wind Tunnel Gallery