Different Tomorrows: Designing Futures Beyond Whiteness

Thu, November 16, 2017, 6pm
with John Jennings, Rasheedah Phillips, Catherine Ramirez
Symposium + Exhibition

Different Tomorrows: Designing Futures Beyond Whiteness brings together writers, artists, designers, and activists who explore ethnofuturisms (afro, chicanix, indigenous) and the ultra unreal. The week-long series of events includes screenings, listenings, discussions, workshops, and a day-long symposium exploring forms of futurity whose politics, aesthetics, ideologies and cultures are black, brown and yellow. The event repositions design discourse beyond the eurocentric, techo-determinist normalities of the past / present / future distinctions and instead looks at time refracted through prisms of race, gender and inequality. differenttomorrows.com

Director, Chicano Latino Research Center, UC Santa Cruz, Afrofuturism/Chicanafuturism: Fictive Kin

Graphic Artist, Black Comix, Art Professor

Black Quantum Futurism & Community Futures Lab, Creator, AfroFuturist Affair

Different Tomorrows: Beyond Whiteness is part of an ongoing research platform organized and led by Elizabeth Chin & Sean Donahue both faculty in the Graduate Media Design Program at ArtCenter College of Design in Los Angeles, CA, USA. The project situates itself in sites across the globe to develop new platforms for design practice that recognize and challenge the politics of power and inequality that are materialized in design aesthetics, practices, pedagogies and systems.

Wind Tunnel Gallery

South Campus,
950 S Raymond Ave,
Pasadena, CA 91105

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Wind Tunnel Graduate Center for Critical Practice is an initiative of the graduate programs in Art and Media Design Practices at Art Center College of Design. The Wind Tunnel, situated between the two programs in a former supersonic jet testing facility on Art Center's south campus, is a forum for speakers, conferences, exhibitions, residencies, screenings, and publications.

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