NOW, THERE: Scenes from the Post-Geographic City

CURATORS: Tim Durfee, Ben Hooker, Mimi Zeiger

Now, There: Scenes from the Post-geographic City unpacks the “reality” digital culture as a space, an urbanity of its own—one that should be questioned, prodded, and remade just like its analog counterpart. The exhibition features seven curated video works and written materials that comprise visual essay on the evolving meaning of place, as the limits of our cities become increasingly redefined by media.
Work by: Besler & Sons, John Szot Studio, Metahaven, m-a-u-s-e-r, Walton Chiu, Tim Durfee & Ben Hooker with Jenny Rodenhouse. Essays by: Therese F. Tierney, Joanne McNeil, Enrique Ramirez. Broadsheet catalog design by Jennifer Rider.
Tim Durfee, Ben Hooker, Mimi Zeiger

Project Lead:

Jenny Rodenhouse

Curatorial Researchers:
Ian Besler
Amanda Stojanov

Graphic Designer:
Jennifer Rider

Project Team:
Josh Bookman, Giselle Guo, Joi Li, Xing Lv, Ana Monroe


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