Negentropic Landscapes

Aishwarya Janwadkar

Thesis Project

This project interrogates the larger orders of our relationship to death, space, institutions, territories, technologies, and politics. In today’s society, death is the ultimate or maximum disorder, and this is reflected in the architecture of the health system. Hospice care, in particular, is located within a fragmented end-of-life care landscape with for-profit services scattered across standalone settings.

Negentropic Landscapes is an approach to building communities that support an “inside-out” hospice care model. It is designed in opposition to the current end-of-life architecture where aging and death are often treated as discrete from the rest of life. “Architecture,” in this project refers to structures of thinking, protocols, and logics – an idea space, designed to prompt a conversation not just about hospice but about how the design of communities can help acclimate us to the reality of death.

Core77 Design Awards 2021 Speculative Design Category – Student Winner

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