Good Living in Mixed Reality

Ben Hooker, Shona Kitchen

Kiana Bahramian, Stephanie Cedeño, Lee Cody, Xing Lv, Jena Meeks, Hugo Pilate, Godiva Reisenbichler

Whereas most research on domestic technologies focuses on information interior to the home (e.g. ‘smart home’ systems), or from global sources (e.g. the Internet), this research considers the home as embedded in the surrounding electronic geography of the city – the ‘smart home’ in the ‘smart city’. Particularly, we’re interested in new interpretations of a technological domestic landscape which accommodate a different set of values to what is currently socially acceptable. The aim is to find ways to better address the physical and virtual realities of the fickle multi-faceted lives we lead. How do we engage or disengage with a ceaselessly shifting hybrid environment as we simultaneously yearn for somewhat contradictory experiences which constitute a nourishing urban life? What role do products, media, and architecture play in this?

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