Natural Wi-Fi

m-a-u-s-e-r, Mona Mahall and Asli Serbest

Erika Katrina Barbosa, Nick Meehan, Selwa Sweidan, Zhihan Ying

economically – Nature becomes its aesthetic obsession. This obsession materializes in all formats of palm trees, cactus, and pines. It turns headquarters into green landscapes, and domestic spaces into YouTube sets for cats. It produces Feng Shui instructions for the computer desktop, as well as planted techno-ruins – everything to pay with one-click.

Natural Wi-Fi investigates this material culture of the Internet, focusing on the geographical context of California while indicating almost any urban place as a construction site of the constantly evolving techno-landscape. The video installation shows the architecture of Nature’s synthetic presence in this techno-landscape, in which a cell tower transforms into a palm tree, or an artificial stone buries the garden socket. Reciprocally, it also documents the nature of technology’s physical bodies, its mute shells in the desert and remote traces on the beach.

The installation includes levitating stones that not only materialize the digital imagery, but also function as exhibition furniture. Constructed from online purchase objects they multiply into an interior landscape. They are available on eBay.

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