Now, There: Scenes from the Post-Geographic City

Tim Durfee, Ben Hooker and Mimi Zeiger

Josh Bookman, Giselle Guo, Xing Lv, Ana Monroe, Amanda Stojanov, Xing Lv

This summer we are building a city. Not a whole city, exactly – more like a neighborhood. Rather than assuming the usual brief for this city, we are devising a new brief – one that reflects how we actually live now, or may likely live a few years from now. This brief will incorporate elements usually not considered part of a “city”: software augmentation, autonomous objects of all scales, even new social systems. Why? Because those are the city: we believe to delimit the “city” as only buildings, streets, and infrastructure is no longer (and, perhaps, was never) remotely accurate.

Scenes from the Post-geographic City unpacks the “reality” of digital culture as a space, an urbanity of its own through vignettes that respond to the upcoming Now, There exhibition curatorial direction. The exhibition will feature seven curated video works and written materials that comprise a visual essay on the evolving meaning of place, as the limits of our cities become increasingly redefined by media.

Alumni Research Associates: Ian Besler, Jenny Rodenhouse

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