Making visible the values and visions behind technoscientific futures.

SUPERCALIFORNIA will employ alternate history design narratives to explore the implications of technoscientific visions in the past and the present, with a focus on California and its exceptionally rich and often unknown history ranging from utopian settlements, forgotten energy projects to the colonization of space. It will include collaborations with institutions that are keeping records of such projects. We will visit some of these, identify a range of projects and look closer at the circumstances which have made them a reality or not. The goal is not to create technocratic fantasies, but to critically look at the way that technology is being envisioned, created and adopted in our world.

In the second step, we will ‘make up’ a reality where they did flourish and create objects in a wide range of media to flesh out these alternate versions of the world. The tangible results of our process, which might be pieces of writing by ourselves and guests, materialized objects as well as collaged still and moving images will be assembled into what might take the shape of a ‘catalog of lost futures’. The research and general progress of the project will be documented throughout on the SUPERCALIFORNIA blog.

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