Sascha Pohflepp

Hae Jin Lee

SUPERCALIFORNIA: Forever Future asks What happens to technological visions when they do not come true? Do they just disappear or is there a place where they live on? Are there phantom futures that might forever stay at a certain distance from us and can we even feel nostalgia for them? Robert Walker is a fictitious character who remembers the visions of space that dominated the American public imagination well into the 1980s. He expected to follow the Voyager probes into the unknown and spend part of his life in space. Fifteen years ago he realized the unlikelihood of this future and he began a space program of his own. He collects technological predictions and conserves the ones that didn’t come true. In an annual ritual, he visits a storage facility in which he keeps his ‘ship’, a semi-autonomous archive that will fly through time until it is recovered and the mission ends.

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