Mashed, Meme’d, Mixed, and Mulched

Mimi Zeiger

“I am a compostist, not a posthumanist: we are all compost, not post-human.”

—Donna Haraway, Making Kin
Mashed, Meme’d, Mixed, and Mulched is an interest group focused on the in-between, the both/and, and the non-binary in design. These include (but not limited to) methods and ideas around mixed reality, new aesthetics, gender, and ecology. Embedded in this group is an additional interest in curation and the skills needed to develop public programming. As a working group, it’s designed to foster participant agency—over the course of two semesters, we will research, conceptualize, and produce a spring event growing out of these compost/collage thematics. This includes inviting speakers, designing and participating in whatever final happening transpires. The group will also have the opportunity to tour and discuss Soft Schindler, an exhibition on view at the MAK Center/Schindler House curated by Mimi Zeiger.

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